We are a manufacturer and distributor of consumer products. Mastering Platform Branding Online, lead by experts with over 12 years of experience. Kunlapat Kamol, Ph.D.


BBA Bachelor of Business Administration (Tourism Management) Burapha University
Master of Business Administration (Business Administration) Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration Ph.

Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy (Public Enterprise Management (Ph.D.PM.) Graduate School of Commerce, Burapha University

♛  B.E. 2560 – Present Managing Director BEVEL JEWEL & GEMS COMPANY LIMITED

♛  B.E. 2562-2563 – CEO 99 OCCASIONS COMPANY LIMITED Digital Marketing Services Providing

♛ B.E. 2559 – Present Managing Director SIAM GROUP GLOBAL TRADE CO.LTD.

♛ B.E. 2555 – 2559 Brand ownership of Senses skincares for skin care products and Dietary supplement products B24

♛ B.E. 2552 – 2562 Import Business Owner and International Wholesale Fashion clothes, In the online marketing.